Walking on Water (Would Have Been Good)

Well, if the humble inherit the earth, I think I might have acquired a fair chunk of real estate yesterday.

I have a pretty well established comfort zone. Essentially that is at home, in front of my computer, surrounded by my family, typing to my heart’s content. Sadly, that zone does not extend to talking to the media.

I had a radio interview yesterday and it did not go great. I’m fairly new to all of this, but I have done a couple of interviews that didn’t go too terribly badly. Yesterday though, for some reason I was even more nervous than I normally am in that type of situation, which is saying something.

I thought I had done everything right. I prepared as much as I could for any questions they might ask. I prayed all morning and did everything I could to allay my nerves. I felt fine going in, but as soon as I started talking everything fell apart.

Maybe it was a Peter thing. While I was preparing for the interview, I was in almost constant prayer, focused on God and not thinking about myself. Once it started, however, I think I lost that focus, looked down at the water swirling around my feet, and immediately started to sink.

I did manage to make it through without passing out (which was a distinct possibility) and, thankfully, it was  pre-taped so hopefully they will be able to edit it into something useable. In any case, a valuable lesson has been learned. (That’s a passive sentence, by the way, don’t do that.) The lesson I have learned is that, on my own strength, I am not capable of performing well in situations where I am not comfortable. What I need to remember for next time, if there is a next time, is that with man (or in this case, woman) it is impossible, but with God all things are possible (Matt. 19:26).

Especially if I keep my eyes where they belong, which is on Him, and not on my own, way too submersible, feet.

Here’s a great live recording of a song by Lifehouse called Storm, which is based on the story of Peter walking on the water – enjoy!


Press on, my friends. Press on,


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