Stick it to Me!

Until I had sons, I had no idea how many uses there were for a stick. Here are at least ten ways that I have witnessed these little wooden wonders being used:

10 – Scepters

9 – Spoons/Shovels for mud     





8 – Caterpillar and bug catcher on land, crayfish catcher in the water

7 – Swords

6 – Daggers

5 – Javelins

4 – Spears

3 – Fishing Rods

2 – Guns and, the number one use for sticks …

1 – Light sabers (which I have somehow fooled myself into believing are a kinder, gentler way to inflict death and/or dismemberment on your “enemies” than guns)

Yes, I realize most of these are just a variation on the violence theme, but still … give them each a stick and my boys can be kept busy for hours, acting out all kinds of scenarios.

My hope and prayer for today? That I might be as creative and imaginative in my writing as they are with a single large twig broken off of a tree.

Press on, my friends. Press on,


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