Is Prince William a Cross-Dresser?

Umm, no.

Although you wouldn’t know it from the way a prominent fashion-watching website described it. Commenting on the various outfits worn by Kate Middleton during the royal visit to Canada last week, the site reported that, “Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge arrived at Macdonald-Cartier International Airport in Ottawa, with her husband Prince William looking beautiful wearing a design from Canadian born (British based) designer Erdem Moralioglu.”

That’s a direct quote. And a very important statement on the importance of punctuation when trying to get an idea across clearly.

Writing tip of the week: always read your work over carefully, then re-read it, and then read it again (to save space I will refrain from repeating that 20 or 30 times, but that would actually be advisable.) It’s critical to read your work out loud at least once as well, as you will always catch something when you hear it that you didn’t see on paper because of the way the mind automatically corrects what the eye expects to see.

If you can read your work to someone, like a writer’s group (excellent choice) or a family member or friend (also good) that is preferable. If you don’t have anyone but the cat around though, feel free to read to it, enunciating properly and with lots of expression. Don’t worry about anyone hearing you; everyone knows writers are a little off anyway, and will be very tolerant (if exceedingly amused) of eccentricities like that from us. They’ll be more surprised if they don’t see them, actually.

And, of course, always try to have someone objective, a qualified editor if possible, read over your work too. Your own writing becomes so familiar to you that you can read the same mistake over a hundred times without seeing it. I read the line from my novel, The Watcher, “the darkness always overcomes the light, the darkness always overcomes the light” countless times without realizing I had it backwards. And yes, it went to print that way, although it has since been corrected. It’s very frustrating. But it’s also the way our incredible minds work. We just need to find ways to compensate so we catch the errors before they end up in every Christian bookstore in North America (and online at Amazon and Chapters and Word Alive, by way of a shameless plug.)

Like the old nursery rhyme that describes how an entire kingdom was lost for want of a horseshoe nail, a misplaced comma can just as conceivably destroy the reputation of a prince. Although, in this case, I think he’s pretty safe, since no one even noticed (or cared) what he was wearing anyway.

Press on, my friends. Press on,


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2 Responses to Is Prince William a Cross-Dresser?

  1. Ruth Coghill says:

    Hi Sara
    great blogs.
    On the writing tip of the week- did you purposely leave off an ‘l’ from the word ‘will’?
    I think you were tricking us!

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