The Agony and the Ecstasy (AKA The Writing Process)

Fabulous news! As I had hoped, I have been motivated by my new, rural setting, to finally get back to writing. I know you are all as thrilled as I am to hear that, after writing basically nothing new except for these blog posts for the last several months, I have finally committed to finishing up The Child-Snatchers, which was a finalist in last year’s Word Alive Press Publishing Contest, by the end of the year.

On the off chance that you’re not as thrilled at this news as I am, please don’t feel the need to articulate your apathy towards this or any other writing project of mine in the Comments section – there’s a reason why we writers sequester ourselves in our offices and rarely show ourselves out in public. We prefer to live in our own delusional world in which hordes of anxious readers “out there” are waiting desperately for our next book to be published. If we don’t actually leave our homes to mingle with these hordes and – gasp – communicate with them live and in person, the delusion remains intact. We can, in fact, continue to put words to paper believing that they will actually be read some day. It’s a hope-springs-eternal kind of thing, but it’s what keeps us going.

In any case, while I am very excited to be back working at this suspense novel, the task has not been easy. In fact, I came across a cartoon today that perfectly sums up what I am going through:

Well, suffering may be a bit of a strong term, but in the process of making some major story-line changes to the book, I have had to do some serious cutting and chopping. In fact, the book has, in the last couple of weeks, gone from 90,000 + words to around 67,000 words. Not that what is gone was all bad, necessarily, but there were whole chapters, some of them my favourite sections, that no longer fit into the book after the decision to make these changes was made, so out they went. Ouch. Not quite torture, but pretty agonizing nonetheless.

And yet I am pressing on, because I truly believe that, if and when I am able to write the chapters needed to fill in the gaps and flesh out these new storylines (one of which is a love triangle that should add some intrigue and “spice” to the book – always a good thing) The Child-Snatchers will be a better, stronger novel for it. Maybe another one of those hope-springs-eternal things, but hey, it’s bringing me back to the computer every day, with a passion and enthusiasm I haven’t felt for writing for a while.

And that, at least, doesn’t feel delusional at all.

Press on, my friends. Press on,


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1 Response to The Agony and the Ecstasy (AKA The Writing Process)

  1. Ruth Coghill says:

    I love it- am so happy you are back on track. I’m convinced that, for some of us, a break is just what the doctor ordered!
    Happy Writing and rewriting!

    And when my friend, do you have time to look at my meager fare?

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