The Word Alive Press Publishing Contest – A Bright Light on the Publishing Horizon

Have I mentioned the publishing business is a tough one to break into? Actually, if you’ve spent two minutes in the presence of a writer or aspiring writer lately (or really, any time since the invention of the printing press) you’ve likely heard that truth asserted (whined about?) more than a few times. And it’s true, but there are a few lights on the publishing horizon that are worth considering. And one of the brightest ones in Canada is the Word Alive Press Just Write! publishing contest. Every year Word Alive out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, offers a publishing contest that is open to everyone, free to enter, and offers two fantastic prize packages: free publishing and marketing for the winning fiction and non-fiction entries.

In 2010, The Watcher, my first suspense novel, was chosen as the winner of the Word Alive contest. I will never forget the call I received, letting me know that my life-long dream of having a novel published was about to be fulfilled.

In the months that followed, I worked closely with the wonderful staff at Word Alive to:

~ submit my ideas for a cover (many of which they incorporated into the final, gorgeous cover that I was contractually free to approve or disapprove, a luxury not afforded most authors)

~ have my book edited in a give and take, back and forth process that left both the editor and I happy with the final product

~ have as many books as I cared to order printed and delivered to my door, while Word Alive handled all sales and distribution to bookstores across North America

~ have The Watcher marketed and promoted by the Word Alive Sales Team, and available wherever books are sold

~ receive support and encouragement with setting up a book launch and attending/being involved with other book promotion events

and have blog tours and radio interviews set up by Word Alive in order to promote my book

In all, my experience with Word Alive was fantastic. I will always be grateful that Word Alive gave me the chance to hold my book in my hands, and to get it into the hands of others to read as well.

Just Write: Free Publishing Contest 2012The deadline for the 2012 Word Alive publishing contest is June 15, 2012. If you have a manuscript ready, seriously think about sending it in to the contest to be considered for publication. It is a tough business, maybe now more than ever. But Word Alive is offering the opportunity of a lifetime, and I for one am glad that I grabbed it.

Press on, my friends. Press on,


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4 Responses to The Word Alive Press Publishing Contest – A Bright Light on the Publishing Horizon

  1. raisethegaze says:

    Sara, this is a very good and positive reflection on Word Alive Press’ (WAP) contest and business practices.
    I too had a positive experience with my book being shortlisted in WAP’s contest and subsequently published through them, several years back.
    As they continue to maintain those standards and foster good relationships with their authors, they deserve to prosper and flourish, I’d say.

  2. raisethegaze says:

    Hello Sara,
    Hmm. I thought I’d posted a little while ago, but it seems I didn’t sign in properly.
    In any case, I commend you on this article reflecting your positive experience with WAP’s (Word Alive Press’) contest and business relationship and practices.
    I also had a positive experience with WAP several years ago, when my book was shortlisted and subsequently published through them.
    As they continue to maintain those healthy ideals and integrity, while fostering good relationships with authors, I’d say they deserve to prosper and flourish.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sara,
    I mailed my manuscript just last week for this year’s contest and I’m praying that I get it published! It will definitely be a dream come true!
    Blessings to you!

  4. Deborah Plett says:

    I am waiting with abated breath to find out if my book will be chosen or not for the 2013 writing contest, It is a dream of mine and I have faith in our Lord if it is His will for my book to to be published so others may learn that they too are free to breath each breath that comes their way from God. Congrats to you for being a successful contestant. I pray my book whom God has given me the words to speak so many may hear His truth and love.
    God Bless You!
    Deborah (from BC Canada)

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