A Prayer for Faithful Women

Yes, once again it’s been a while. My husband and I have become very involved with a branch plant church. The larger church, which we attended for two years before moving over to the branch, planted in a part of the city that is most accessible to single moms and others with deep needs, so we are being blessed with many opportunities to serve and be involved in ministry. Still trying to figure out where social media fits in with that, family, friends, writing, editing etc. In the meantime, I would like to post a prayer for all those who have been in ministry or serving quietly and faithfully for many years. May God bless the work you do, not for your own glory, but for His.


blue violets(The blue violet is the flower that represents faithfulness)

A Prayer for Faithful Women

Father, we thank you for women who serve quietly, working tirelessly behind the scenes doing work that few recognize or acknowledge. May they be blessed with the knowledge that you are El Roi, the God who sees, and who honours that which is done, not for the praise of others, but solely for your glory.

We thank you for women who serve selflessly, who give of themselves long past giving all they thought they had in them, who pour themselves out for others in order to honour you. We thank you that you are El Sali, the God of our strength, who equips us for the work you call us to do, and renews us when we empty ourselves in service to you.

We thank you for women who serve obediently, even when the task set before them is onerous, outside of their comfort zone, or not in their area of giftedness. Thank you that you are Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides, who blesses the humble, uses the willing, and sends the Holy Spirit to be our comfort when we step out into unknown places in obedience to your call.

We thank you for women who serve faithfully, never allowing ingratitude, hurtful words or lack of grace from others to cause them to take their eyes from you. Thank you that you are Jehovah Rophi, the God who heals, not only hurting bodies, but hurting hearts and spirits, and who lifts us up and restores us again and again as we seek to serve you.

Most of all, we thank you for women who acknowledge you as El Elyon, the God Most High, and who, out of gratitude for who you are and all you have done, serve you in big ways and small ways, in the spotlight or in ways that only you see. Remind us all that there is no such thing as retirement in the kingdom of God, that we serve with our hands and our heart and, when those fail, still, with the last breath you give us, in prayer for the needs of others. Bless all faithful women with peace, joy, and contentment in this life, and in the life to come, may you welcome them into your presence with the only reward we desire for the work we have done in your name, the words “well done, good and faithful servant”.


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