Why do I Care if Anyone Reads What I Write? by Susan Harris

Today I’m welcoming back Susan Harris, with her thoughts on my second question in this guest blogger series.

Little Copper Pennies Susan Harris photoTruth be told, I don’t want anyone to read some of the things I write. Not my journals. Or the letters/emails I sent my husband when we were dating. Especially not the Valentine’s Day card I am writing today.

But I want my books, blogs, posts, and tweets to be read. The communications that career dictate I send. The documents penned to the immigration officer informing that my child has permission to fly with the adult named in the ink.

So why do I care if anyone reads what I write? I look at the scenarios above and it narrows down to this: It’s the medium for creating a paradigm shift for my audience. My reason for writing.

A paradigm shift ushers in change. Change is churned out in words. Words are absorbed through reading.

No reading = no change.

I’m the audience of my journal, even though too many times I cannot decipher the abbreviations, the drawings, the illegibility of a scrawl. For another to read it is heretical. It’s my go-to of a faithful God who orders my days, for those times when my dissatisfied spirit needs to turn back to The Author of my faith. I write, and my words remind me, they change me. They shift me from cylindrical vision to convex scope.

The company I work for cannot assess the benefits of my skills set if the work I do is not translated into words. They read. The immigration officer cannot fathom good intent, thereby not imprisoning the guardian with whom my minor daughter travels, unless his mental faculties are aligned in that direction. Oh, how I hope he reads.

The posts, the responses, the books, they feed the minds of the audience who chance upon them. To concur, disagree, provoke thought. To shift a mental state, or a spiritual one. Perhaps an intellectual and soulful one. Trips down memory lane.

Shifts in perception. Inspiring lives for God or capturing the life of a cold coin. Persuaded, or at times, almost. Always a response from the audience.

I care that they read what I write, otherwise change sits paralyzed in print.

And how I care that he reads what I write on the Valentine’s card. For as I unfold love I find myself more loving. And loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Bio – Susan Harris lives with her family in Melville, Saskatchewan. She is a former teacher and the author of Little Copper Pennies: Celebrating the Life of the Canadian one-cent piece, Golden Apples in Silver Settings and Little Copper Pennies for Kids. Visit her at http://www.susanharris.ca or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SusanHarrisCanadianAuthor

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4 Responses to Why do I Care if Anyone Reads What I Write? by Susan Harris

  1. Bobbi says:

    No reading = no change! I’ve never considered it that way before. I do a ton of writing for work, and you’re right. Either I’m recording changes made, or encouraging / inviting / persuading a mindset that will lead to change. I wonder if thinking like that when I write would help me organize my words? I’ll have to try it.
    Thx Susan!

    • Susan Harris says:

      It is one of the major ways in which we assimilate change, isn’t it Bobbi? Thanks for taking the time to read, comment and consider change. I appreciate you stopping by.

  2. Like Bobbi, your quote, “No reading = no change” caught my attention. Thanks for sharing!

    • Susan Harris says:

      It’s interesting that both Bobbi and you noticed it immediately when it was captured like a formula, Kimberley. I’m happy that a different way of presenting information catches attention. Thanks for sharing this with me. I appreciate the time and effort you took to drop by.

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