Why (on earth) do I Write? by Stephanie Nickel

I have found it fascinating to read about what drives different writers to write. Today we hear from guest blogger Stephanie Nickel as she shares her thoughts and heart with us on the subject. Thanks for coming by Stephanie!

Why do I write?

Until recently, I didn’t realize how much writing has always been part of my life. I remember writing poetry by candlelight when I was a girl. All of those poems have been lost, but, to this day, I still write poetry.

Journaling helped preserve my sanity when I was raising our three, especially when they were very young. Over the years, I continued to journal. I have often referred to it as “babbling until I stumble across truth.”

I was discussing my journals one day at Chapters. A lady overheard me and said she was having hers buried with her. While mine aren’t quite that private, I wouldn’t want anyone to read them as they are. My long-term goal is to go through them and put together snippets as a keepsake for my three grown children.

Back in 2010, I began blogging. I started with a site called free2soar. I wrote poems on the topic of flight. One thing led to another and I was, at one point, operating and posting on eight separate sites. Then my good friend Lisa Hall-Wilson mentioned that it’s best to bring everything together in one place.

Though I do have a professional site – stephbethnickel.com – the vast majority of my blogging is now under one umbrella – stephseclecticinterests.wordpress.com

There I blog about several of my varied interests and am humbled when my words touch and encourage my reader. It isn’t writing for the masses that thrills my heart. For me, it’s about touching that one life, the topic of Writing for One.

I guest blog on a number of sites: to share writing prompts; health and fitness tips; pregnancy and childbirth info; and insights into prayer.

While blogging takes up a good deal of my writing time, I did have the incredible honour of co-authoring former Paralympian Deb Willows’ memoir, Living Beyond My Circumstances. The book is available on the Castle Quay site and from Amazon. This book is the fulfillment of a dream Deb has had for over 40 years.

living beyond my circumstances

Why would I want people to read Deb’s book?

Perhaps they’re like I was, not knowing much about the day-to-day life of someone with cerebral palsy, especially someone who was born during the era when parents of disabled children were encouraged to put them in an institution.

Maybe people don’t realize how amazing Paralympians really are. I have to admit, until the last few years, I didn’t realize that after the Olympic flame is extinguished, an entirely different group of athletes, coaches, and judges is gearing up.

Deb’s family had its ups and downs like any other and her folks don’t realize just how special they are, but her book reveals just what one woman can accomplish with the support of family and friends and the grace of God.

Living Beyond My Circumstances is for anyone who faces obstacles but is still determined to “go for the gold.”

I have plans for several children’s picture books; a series of detective novels for tweens; and at least one women’s novel.

I don’t know what the future will hold, but it is my hope, my prayer, that my readers’ lives will be enriched and God will be honoured and glorified by my writing.

Thank you so much, Sara, for allowing me to share my thoughts with you and your readers.


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