Staying Focused: My Current Works in Progress

Well, here we are: the sixth and final post on Ruth Snyder’s blog hop, and it’s been quite a ride. This week Ruth asked us to share about our current work in progress or, in my case and the case of many others I know, works in progress. Click on the icon below to read what other writers have to say on the subject. Below are my thoughts.


Unlike many writers I know, including a few on this blog hop, my preference has always been to have only one work in progress at any given time. It’s always been my contention that when my focus is pulled in several different directions simultaneously, it’s like trying to enlarge a picture with too few megapixels; my thoughts start to grow fuzzy and more than a bit distorted.


Nevertheless, different directions are exactly where I’m being pulled at the moment. In addition to a bit of revising and polishing of my two-book romantic suspense series, I have also taken on a non-fiction ghost-writing project, something entirely new for me, and have been hired to do a substantive edit (although it’s closer to a complete re-write) of a novel. And I am preparing a proposal for my agent to use in shopping around the first book of a trilogy I am currently working on.


 The trilogy that was a big surprise to me. I love to read and write contemporary fiction, but never thought I would write one set in the future (forty years), especially one with an end times feel to it. But that’s exactly what this is. After a series of terrorist attacks in Canada, martial law is declared. The End Begins is a suspense-filled love story about a believer and one of the soldiers sent to her city to enforce a ban on hate crimes. And according to an amendment to the Anti-terrorism Act, the definition of hate crimes has just been broadened to include pretty much anything done in the name of Jesus Christ. This book is different than my earlier ones, but it was incredibly exciting to write, and I’m looking forward to carving out time in the near future to complete books two and three.

Certainly, I am involved in more projects at the moment than I ever have been at one time before (and that doesn’t include the posts for this blog and a couple of others I contribute to, a monthly newsletter I put together for a friend’s business, smaller substantive and copy-editing projects, marketing of my published novel, and other platform building, internet-presence-enhancing projects.)

Definitely getting fuzzy.

Except that, much to my surprise, I’m also having a lot of fun. Each of the large projects is different and challenging. I’m adding to my skills and breaking new ground. Feedback has been positive and encouraging. I may drop into bed exhausted every night, but it’s an exhilarated exhaustion, since I know I have been productive and creative all day.

I absolutely cannot complain about all the work I have to do. Mainly because I have work, which not all writers are fortunate enough to have, and not only that, but it’s work I love, in my field, that challenges and excites me.

And it’s work that I can do from home (or wherever I am) so I am able to be present and available for my three favourite works in progress, my kids, whose writing always makes make me smile:


And who are, incidentally, wildly creative in their own right:

kids3                                kids4kids5

And remembering all of that inspires me and restores sharpness and clarity to my focus every time.

Press on, my friends. Press on,


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11 Responses to Staying Focused: My Current Works in Progress

  1. Sara,
    So wonderful all that you are writing. I am excited. I can feel the energy as I read your post.

    • Sara Davison says:

      Thanks Janis. There is a lot going on, but you’re right, the writing (and editing and ghost-writing) does fill me with energy and I’m very grateful to be able to do what I love to do.

  2. Sara,
    Thanks for participating in the blog hop. It’s been great getting to know you better.

    I can so relate to your statement about wanting to focus on one project at a time and yet being pulled into several. May God give you clarity of thought and wisdom as you continue to follow His promptings.

    Best wishes,


  3. Your new end-time trilogy is a set that sounds fascinating–and a little too realistic to be comfortable. All the best in your full days ahead.

  4. Sara Davison says:

    Thanks Violet. No, I don’t suppose it will be comfortable, but hopefully the theme, that we do not need to fear the future because God is sovereign and in control and will, ultimately, set all things right, will come through clearly. Thanks for your comments.

  5. I can definitely relate. I want to focus on just “one” project but my mind won’t allow me that luxury…when an idea pops into my pea brain I jot it down on my list but I don’t stop there…I’m afraid I’ll lose the inspiration so I move forward…’s frustrating but at the same time I’m confident God has a plan…and He’ll let me know when to slow down. Blessings to you….

  6. Bobbie Cole says:

    Your end-times work sounds particularly exciting, Sara. And what your kids produce is amazing, too. Nice getting to know you.

  7. Very nice, especially the pictures from the kids. Thanks for sharing!

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