A New Thing

At the writing retreat I attended a couple of weeks ago, one of the speakers read a verse from Isaiah 43 that I have been pondering ever since: Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.

As with most jobs, I’m sure, writing can feel like a lot of old things happening over and over: rejection, editing, revising, more editing, writer’s block, more revising, more rejection etc., etc. But every once in a while the new happens – a new idea for a book or a scene, a new contract, new book, new covers. And the new somehow manages to make all the old well worth it.

Today I am celebrating receiving the first hard copies of The Seven Trilogy with the new covers (and a new title for Book 2):

Seven Trilogy - front covers

Although the books came out in 2015 and 2016, today they feel brand new and I’m excited to see what will happen with them now.

Other new things to celebrate with my work? The release date for my next book, the first in a trilogy currently titled The Night Guardian Series, is now June 2019, so watch for more updates on that as the time approaches. As well, I am planning to launch a newsletter (no pun intended) soon that will come out monthly and be short, sweet, hopefully funny and a little bit inspiring as I share my life, faith, work, and family with anyone who might be interested. I’ll let you know how to sign up to receive that as soon as it’s ready to go.

It is easy to get weighed down by the old, by the mundane. But if our eyes are open to see them, God gifts us with glimpses of the new all around us–the sunrise every morning signalling a new day, the changing colours of the leaves outside my window, signs of a new season beginning, births and weddings, photos coming back from the Hubble telescope revealing the existence of universes we never dreamed existed–so many things that provide clear evidence that He is a creator and always at work doing “a new thing.”

And these new things are the reminders that give us hope as we talk to others or listen to the news and are burdened by all the old stories of injustice and suffering and death. They are the promise from God that one day all things will be put right, will, ultimately, be made new.

Seven Trilogy - spines

Just like the covers I am celebrating today (and yes, I agree, they do look pretty good hanging out with all those other great books and authors).

Press on, my friends,

Press on,


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2 Responses to A New Thing

  1. Awesome Sarah! God is doing new and exciting things. I am looking forward to reading your newsletter when it becomes available 🙂

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