A Christmas Prayer



My friends, as we enter into this season of celebrating and giving thanks to God for sending His son into the world to be Emmanuel, God with us, and to reconcile us to Himself, I would like to share with you a prayer I wrote to honour the one who came:

Father God, we ask that you would prepare our hearts as we enter this holy season. Your Son, when he came to earth as a baby, was called Wonderful Counsellor, Almighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. May we honour him as Wonderful Counsellor, by listening to that still, small voice leading and guiding us every moment of every day. May we honour him as Almighty God by always giving him first place in our hearts and our lives. May we honour him as Everlasting Father by coming before him with reverence and placing ourselves under his care and protection, and may we honour him as Prince of Peace by taking time, in this Christmas season and all through the year, to live lives not characterized by stress, rushing, busyness or performance, but by peace.


A very blessed Christmas to you all. My prayer for each one of you is that you experience the supernatural joy and peace of God throughout this sacred and holy season as we celebrate and give thanks for the greatest gift ever given.


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