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A Prayer for Canada Day (reposted)

He shall have dominion also from sea to sea, and from the river unto the ends of the earth. His name shall endure for ever: his name shall be continued as long as the sun: and men shall be blessed … Continue reading

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Day of Despair – For Easter Saturday

(Originally posted March 2012) Even on Good Friday there was hope. Hope that the one they had followed, the one they had believed would conquer Rome and free them all would come down from the cross and save them. On … Continue reading

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The Power of Silence

Recently I was driving in my car, my thoughts careening all over the place (just my thoughts, not my car), when I suddenly realized I had tightened my grip on the steering wheel and my stress level had gone way … Continue reading

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The Edge of the Desert

As some of you may (or may not) have noticed, I have not kept up with my good intentions and posted here every Friday. The last couple of Fridays, for example, I have sat for a while, contemplating this empty … Continue reading

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In Praise of Book Reviewers

I always say that writing the book is the easy part. The next hardest thing is convincing someone to publish it, and the hardest part of all is getting anyone to even hear about it, let alone read it. We … Continue reading

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Judging Covers

Hello all, I hope the new year has been good to you so far. It is snowy and sunny here in Ontario, Canada, and it’s amazing how much that lifts the spirits. Today I’m working on design ideas for the … Continue reading

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Good Intentions, Grace, and a God who Remembers

Like most people, I am full of good intentions regarding the various aspects of my life. Professionally, for example, I have lots of ideas about how to better market and promote my work, but I only have the time and … Continue reading

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