Discussion Questions

The following questions are designed for personal reflection, or for group and book club discussion. Please feel free to share any insights your group has garnered as you have read and discussed the novel.

Questions for The Watcher

Chapters 1-3

What does it mean to have faith? How is it possible for trials to strengthen faith?

Chapters 4-6

During her fervent prayer, Kathryn hears God tell her she is never alone. Do  you believe this to be true for you? How does this belief affect how you face the small and big challenges of life?

Chapters 7-9

Do you believe that the light always overcomes the darkness? What do you think the narrator meant when she said, But we were shown then, and had it powerfully reinforced for us a few thousand years later, that light is stronger than darkness.

Do we always see this in our lives? When will we experience this truth in its fullest?

Chapters 10 – 12

Why do you think God places such a high value on forgiveness? What benefit is there for the one who forgives? For the one who is forgiven?

Chapters 13-15

Do you believe there is a bigger picture than we can see? That God is in control and that, ultimately, his plans will be fulfilled? Why or why not?

Chapters 16-18

Do you believe that it is always best to tell the truth? Was there a time in your life when you chose not to tell the truth? What happened? A time when it would have been easier for you to lie but you decided to tell the truth? What happened?

Chapters 19-21

Other than God, what are the five most important things in your life? Go down the list one at a time. Consider what would happen to you, to your relationship with God, to your ability to find peace and meaning in your life, if you lost that one thing. If you lost them all?

Chapters 22-24

A lot of beings come to both Kathryn and David as they struggle to work through what is happening to them. What do these beings represent to you?

Chapters 25-27

Why do you think deliverance is not sent to human beings going through difficult times more often? What value can there be in going through trials instead of having them removed from our lives?

Chapters 28-30

Is it okay to doubt? To question what you have been taught? What you have always believed? What the Bible says? What value can there be in this process?

Chapters 31-33

Have you ever had your life change forever because of something unexpected that happened in just a few seconds? If you had known it was going to happen, would you have done anything differently with your life before whatever happened to cause this change occurred? Did this experience affect the way you lived your life afterwards?

Chapters 34-36

Has fear ever been so real to you it seemed like you could reach out and touch it? How did you deal with it? Why do you think God, Jesus, and the angels so often exhorted people not to be afraid? Is it possible to overcome fear? If so, how? How does overcoming fear affect the way you live your life?

Chapters 37-39

Have you ever thought it would be helpful to see into the future? Is worrying ever a productive emotion? Can you think of a time when you didn’t think you would be able to work through a problem or difficult situation, but found that you had what you needed exactly when you needed it? If so, what did that do for your faith and ability to trust God?

Chapters 40-42

What is prayer? Do you believe there is actual power in prayer? Have you experienced this personally?

Chapters 43-44

What does it mean to experience peace in your life? Think of a time you felt true peace. What caused it? Did it have anything to do with what was happening in the circumstances around you?

Chapters 45-46

What do you think the light Dylan saw up in the corner of the cabin was? Have you ever experienced anything like that in your life? If so, share your experience.

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