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In Praise of Book Reviewers

I always say that writing the book is the easy part. The next hardest thing is convincing someone to publish it, and the hardest part of all is getting anyone to even hear about it, let alone read it. We … Continue reading

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I Want you to be Honest. Honest.

Part two of my series on making your writing better is up on the Word Alive Press blog. Today’s post is about how to receive (and give) constructive feedback on your work. Check it out at: http://www.wordalivepress.ca/blogs. Press on, my … Continue reading

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The Moment of Impact – or, Why do I Care if Anyone Reads What I Write?

I am no spotlight hog. In fact, in the spotlight is generally the last place I ever want to be. I much prefer to live my life like a prisoner about to make a run for the barbed-wire lined fence … Continue reading

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It Takes a Community: Lessons from a Cautionary Tale

Your book is your baby. And just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community to shape a book. So here, should you be interested, are the lessons to be learned from “Unhappily Ever After: … Continue reading

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